Vintage 18K Gold Pendant with Gold Coin $ 5 Liberty Head 1901


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Pendant with gold coin. `

The gold coin is a Liberty Head $5 from 1901 (1839 – 1908).
Designer Christian Gobrecht;
900 gold;
ø 21.6 mm.
Circulation 3,648,000.
Weight coin 8.36 gr.

Gold coin 5 dollars USA “Liberty Head” 1901
The five dollar half eagle gold coin was a familiar means of payment in US economic life. It has been in constant use since the early days of the Republic, making it one of the longest-used coins in U.S. history. The Half Eagles were minted virtually continuously from 1795 to 1929 and were not only used in trade during their period of circulation, but were also the preferred form of gold pieces.

The setting of the coin is made of 18k gold. Set with 2 pearls with a ø 4 mm and 4 pearls ø 2 mm.  Natural light gray pearls.
Total weight: 14.09 g.
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3 cm.


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