Photographs not manipulated

The photos you see in our online shop are not retouched or manipulated in any way. We prefer that our customers get a realistic impression of the colors, the material and the condition of the item. Therefore we do our best using macro photographing and good lighting to capture the beauty of every item.

Please be aware that with macro photographing you can see every little imperfection on an enlarged item that is not visible with the naked eye. Antique jewelry has been worn, is decades old and therefore carried with love. Some signs of usage or some small dents are unavoidable. 

You will be positively amazed in what a beautiful state our for sale selected antique items are. How a beautiful, with love and by hand created jewelry item can survive trough centuries and world wars and all the different time periods!

Antique jewelry can only keep on surviving if it is handled with care, not melted for the gold or silver price and if customers keep appreciating the beauty and craftsmanship of each item. Keep on being fascinated and impressed by antique jewelry and buy a part of history.

A bonus thought:
By buying antique and/or vintage jewelry you will be support the ecosystem of our world.